wells for clean water


After beginning the Doorway to Peace ministry in Faugasse, Haiti we began to understand the need for fresh, clean water in the town. Desiring to have a well drilled for the community, we submitted an application to Lifewater Ministries. It turned out they were unable to dig the well. Lifewater Ministries suggested we contact a man by the name of Bob Carter.

Bob Carter returned our call and said he was willing to give the project a try. Doorway to Peace board member Gama Belizaire agreed to meet him in the Miami airport to make the trip to Haiti. Eventually Gama ended up boarded the plane disappointed at not finding Bob Carter at the airport. However, Bob Carter and his wife eventually did board the plane and Gama introduced himself to them.

The next day Gama, Bob, and his wife traveled from Port-au-Prince in the north of Haiti to Cayes on the south of Haiti with all his well drilling equipment. He investigated the lots and successfully dug the first well in Faugasse!

Bob Carter continues to drill wells in the area so that people can use fresh, clean, uncontaminated, drinking water.

You can help us dig more wells.