Doorway to Peace Haiti

a compassion ministry


Doorway to peace is a compassion ministry — strategically investing in community development projects to improve the physical, educational and spiritual welfare of the people of haiti.

Doorway to Peace is a holistic ministry to the people of Faugasse, Haiti. Faugasse is located on the southwestern peninsula of Haiti near the city of Les Cayes.

Community development projects lay the groundwork for our ministry. By meeting the practical needs of the community, we demonstrate the love of Christ. Through our actions, we witness to hearts and minds that might otherwise be closed to the gospel. It is in this context that we evangelize by openly sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Prayer forms the foundation of our ministry. Due to the presence of vodou, a form of witchcraft actively practiced in Haiti today, prayer is essential to preparing the spiritual climate for outreach.

The capstone of our ministry is discipleship to ensure that converts mature in the knowledge and practice of their faith.

Doorway to Peace is an outgrowth of the ministry of Joseph Delva, a native of Les Cayes, Haiti and a graduate of Gordon-Conwell Seminary. Joseph Delva and Gama Belizaire, a teacher and fellow Haitian immigrant, are at the center of the ministry. They act as the bridge between the American and Haitian leadership teams.

Originally, the American leadership team was formed from within the Pilgrim Church in Beverly, MA. It has expanded to include members from New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Kansas.

The Haitian leadership team lives in or near the village of Faugasse and performs the bulk of our ministry work. They are the hands, heart and soul of the ministry — encouraging new believers, upholding the ministry in prayer, leading a worship service and overseeing the operation of the school and youth ministry.